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LocationDouala Bali, Opposite Hotel Serena, CM

Job offer: Experienced developers and engineers needed by Seven Academy

SEVEN ACADEMY- A first-class IT engineering training institution in Cameroon with a learning environment that promotes creativity, diversity, leadership,  innovation, and growth opportunities to every trainee, is opening its Global Procurement and Sourcing department (SEVEN GPS) and is, therefore, seeking for more highly-skilled and experienced engineers and developers to accompany the efforts of the structure in challenging the tech status quo.

Job description.

  • Participate proactively in the conception, design, implementation and testing steps of our services and applications.

  • Implement automated codebase quality assurances in our projects to support our Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipeline.

  • Support integration with third-party systems.

  • Support the integration of partners and client integrations in new and existing applications.

  • Maintain and extend existing services and applications.

  • Share your development experience with our team.

  • Create code, tests and development documentation.

  • May include occasional travel to Portugal and San Francisco to work with the product and development teams in those locations

What we are looking for

You should :

  • Have an interest in new web and mobile technologies

  • Pay attention to details and eager to learn new things

  • be proficient with productivity tools working with technologies like CI/CD, cloud services, containers (docker)

  •  Provide references to projects/applications you have worked on that have been deployed in productive use by customers to demonstrate your skillset

Mandatory skills:

  • A strong mastery of any of the native web/mobile stacks development

  • Autonomous, Team-Work skills.

  • Good mastery of the English language is mandatory.

  • Practical experience with Test Driven Development — writing tests along with your code should be second nature.

  • Multiple (3+) years of programming experience with popular programming languages

  • Experience with REST APIs and web services for backend developers, regardless of the framework but a popular framework should be used

  • Strong Object-Oriented Programming skills for backend and full-stack devs.

Nice to have skills:

  •  Experience working with standard versioning and tracking tools (like git, gitlab, Jira).

  • Experience working with Continuous Integration platforms (e.g. Jenkins, Travis) and containers (docker)

  •  Working knowledge of Linux shell scripting and Nginx/Apache servers

  • Knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, and or any other UI/UX framework for frontend developers

  • Experience working with testing frameworks like JUnit, PHPUnit, hamcrest, .

If you are a highly motivated professional who welcomes new challenges, looking to make a move, SEVEN GPS (Seven Global Procurement and Sourcing) has YOUR NEXT GREAT OPPORTUNITY. 

Mail to l.akah@sevenadvancedacademy.com  a copy of your:

  • CV

  • Personal Statement

  • At least one letter of recommendation

  • List of projects worked on and links if not in your CV.

Your salary expectations, which we shall eventually discuss if you make the cut.       

Accompanying the job positions:                   

  •  A fully equipped software lab with high-speed reliable Internet.         

  •  Reliable access to energy 24/6.                          

  •  Free lunch, coffee at your command.                    

  • Security and accessibility as we are located in Bonamoussadi banking zone.                         

  •  Health insurance.                                                           

Note that candidates resident in Douala will be prioritized as remote positions are highly limited.